Fast Transfer Method

Transfer 10lbs. per minute

Use the Push Method to quickly transfer liquid from your recovery cylinder. It is not necessary to remove the vapor when consolidating. The Pull Method is used to fully purge or clean out a cylinder. The process is extremely efficient and can be used on a jobsite.

Push Method for Liquid

The liquid is pushed out of the small cylinder by putting pressure on the vessel (pressure comes from the recovery unit). The unit draws vapor from the large cylinder, pushes into the small cylinder and the liquid is transferred. Hoses must be attached to both the liquid and vapor valves on both cylinders.

Note: Most contractors only need to transfer liquid

Pull Method for Vapor

The vapor is pulled out of the small cylinder by the recovery unit and pumped into the receiving cylinder. This method is only used if the cylinder needs to be pulled into a vacuum.

Note: Do not use if there is liquid in the cylinder.