R-22 Buyback: Three Ways to Increase Purity & Profit

The purity of your recovered gas makes a big difference – from hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you’re consolidating gas, follow these steps to get the most buck for your R-22 buyback.

1) Designate Cylinders: Maintain one recovery cylinder (30-lb. or 50-lb.) for each common gas you collect, i.e. R-22, R-410A. Mark cylinders permanently and never switch them. Keep designated recovery cylinders on all trucks.

2) Use the Fast Transfer Method: Transfer gas at a rate of 10 lbs./minute to increase consolidation efficiency. And, when you use designated cylinders, you never have to spend time evacuating vapors.

3) Meet with Your Techs: Effective refrigerant recovery begins and ends with your technicians. Meet with them to explain the importance of refrigerant purity and how to incorporate steps 1 & 2 into their daily routines.

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