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Exchange For Cash

PURECHEM specializes in fast and fair payments for recovered refrigerant.  We have an onsite state-of-the-art laboratory that enables us to quickly provide our customers with detailed receiving (purity and weight) reports to issue the highest payouts possible by check or ACH deposit.

Exchange For Credit

Our credit option allows customers to exchange recovered refrigerant for new refrigerant at a discounted price.  What’s more, the product credit never expires. PURECHEM credits your account for the cash value of your recovered refrigerant. When it’s time to restock, customers can order ARI-700 refrigerants at reduced prices and with no out-of-pocket costs.

Exchange For R-22

Through R-22 exchange, customers swap recovered R-22 for new R-22 at a discounted price and on a pound-for-pound basis. This option guarantees product availability, as well as highly competitive rates, for one of the industry’s most demanded refrigerants.

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