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We offer high buyback rates for recovered refrigerant – even when it’s mixed. As an EPA-certified reclaimer, we buy direct; there’s no middleman. How much is yours worth?


Our flexible buyback programs enable HVACR professionals to get the most value from their recovered refrigerants by offering ACH, check, credit, and exchange options. Taking advantage of our buyback program is a simple three-step process. Within five days of receiving your refrigerant, we will contact you with the details of your volume and purity report. As that time, you may decide which buyback option to pursue: cash, credit, or R-22 exchange.



Our credit option allows customers to exchange recovered refrigerant for new refrigerant at a discounted price.  What’s more, the product credit never expires.  PURECHEM credits your account for the cash value of your recovered refrigerant.  When it’s time to restock, customers can order ARI-700 refrigerants at reduced prices and with no out-of-pocket costs.

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Step 1: Enroll

Complete our simple online enrollment form and call us (817.636.2089) to arrange shipping.  

Step 2: Fill

Fill your cylinders with used refrigerant. PURECHEM provides cylinders for a one-time refundable deposit ($250 for 240-lb.; $750 for a half ton). To ensure an efficient fill process, check out our fast transfer method, which enables you to transfer 10 lbs. per minute.

Step 3: Prepare

To prepare cylinders for shipment, remove adapters from all cylinders.  Affix the Green R-22, the Green Non-Flammable Diamond stickers, and the return address label to the cylinder.  Provide the Bill of Lading to the driver upon pickup.

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As the supply of R-22 diminishes, its value soars.  Collecting used refrigerant from end users, other contractors, and wholesalers can quickly become a highly profitable business.  PURECHEM recognizes this opportunity and helps individuals start and/or continue successful consolidation programs.  In addition to paying the industry’s highest reimbursements, we provide cylinders, cylinder transportation, and help you build and sustain a thriving business.

To ensure you receive top dollar for recovered refrigerant, we highly recommend testing used R-22 with the Neutronics refrigerant identifier.  This simple-to-use device displays results within one minute and offers a variety of models.  For details, visit

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As the EPA phases out the import and production of gases such as R-22, more refrigerants are being reclaimed.  Refrigerant reclamation is designed to bridge the gap between the dwindling supply of certain refrigerants and the continuing need for these materials.

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