National Cylinder
Exchange Program


Thousands of contractors have enjoyed higher buyback rates by consolidating their recovered refrigerant into 240-lb. or half-ton cylinders through PURECHEM’s National Cylinder Exchange. It’s a straightforward and quick way to earn cash for your recovered R-22 and other gases.


How much is your refrigerant worth? Request a quote.

STEP 2: Fill

Fill your cylinders with used refrigerant. You can use your cylinders or ours; PURECHEM provides cylinders for a one-time refundable deposit ($250 for 240-lb.; $750 for a half ton).  To ensure an efficient fill process, check out our fast transfer method, which enables you to transfer 10 lbs. per minute.

STEP 3: Get Paid

Within 30 days of receiving your refrigerant, we’ll send you a check or product credit. We’ll also send you a purity and weight report, and EPA documentation.