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Participation Form

This agreement is by and between Diversified Pure Chem, LLC (hereinafter “DPC”) and (hereafter referred to as Customer).


    DPC provides cylinders for use in its Reclaimed Refrigerant Buyback Program.

    • Customer agrees to pay the Cylinder deposit as outlined in the DPC published rates, at the time of shipment of the Cylinder(s).

    • The Cylinders are the property of DPC and are to be used by Customer only for the purpose of returning R-22, or other acceptable refrigerants, back to DPC.  Any other use is prohibited, and DPC shall solely determine which refrigerants are acceptable.

    • As a Program participant, Customer hereby agrees to return the cylinder according to the Terms of the Reclaimed Refrigerant Buyback Program.  The Terms are that payment for returned refrigerant is made based on the prevailing price, purity schedule and minimum weight requirements as published (or as mutually agreed) at the time of return shipment.

    • DPC will provide full payment within 30 days from receipt of cylinder.  Payment is based on net weight of actual refrigerant and the prevailing market price of buyback refrigerant(s).

    • DPC will pay freight on cylinder shipments as long as they contain the minimum weight of refrigerants.  Customer agrees to pay freight if cylinders do not have at least 900 lb. or more refrigerant for a 1000-lb. cylinder and at least 200 lb. or more refrigerant for a 240-lb cylinder.

    • The cylinder deposit will be refunded upon final return of the cylinder, assuming it is in good condition.  The deposit will remain with DPC as long as customer is a Program participant.

    • Customer agrees to pay the prevailing published rate for disposal if R-22 refrigerant is below 50% purity level.

    • DPC will provide a receiving report for Customer’s EPA records showing the weight of refrigerants reclaimed and the purity level.

    • Should Customer hold any cylinder for longer than 24 months without returning any reclaimed refrigerant, then at DPC’s request, Customer is obliged to ship cylinder back to DPC at Customer’s expense.

    • In the event of Customer declaring bankruptcy, Customer must return Cylinder promptly.

    • Termination:  Either party may terminate this agreement if (a) the other party fails to perform a material obligation and (b) such default is not cured within 45 days after written notice of the failure.  If Customer fails to make a payment when due or Customer's financial condition becomes unsatisfactory to DPC, then DPC, at its option, may (a) withhold future performance until Customer cures the default or improves its financial condition to DPC's satisfaction; (b) require payment in advance; or (c) terminate this agreement.


    For DPC-owned Cylinders and Equipment (“Equipment”) furnished to Customer on a rental or use basis, the following applies:

    • Equipment shall remain the sole personal property of DPC.  DPC may mark Equipment to indicate its ownership, and file a financing statement covering such Equipment.  Customer shall provide a suitable location for the Equipment, and is responsible for applicable personal property or use taxes.

    • Customer shall not use the Equipment with any materials or products other than those recommended or approved by DPC.  Customer shall operate the Equipment in accordance with DPC’s recommendations.  Customer assumes all risk of loss, damage or liability arising from its possession or use of Equipment, and shall indemnify DPC from all such losses, (consequential or indirect) damages or liabilities.


    Customer is responsible for compliance with all environmental, health and safety regulations regarding its facility, operations, and equipment, including any registrations applicable to use of DPC cylinders at its facilities.


    • This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Texas without regard to conflict of law principles.

    • With respect to matters related to this agreement, each party as indemnitor agrees to hold the other party harmless from damages, claims, liabilities and costs caused by the negligence or misconduct of the indemnitor.

Accepted and Agreed

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