DPC Launches R-410A Buyback Program

DPC has launched a nationwide initiative to purchase recovered R-410A. Through this program, DPC reimburses HVACR professionals based on the refrigerant’s weight and purity, and issues a payment within 30 days of receiving the gas.

“When it comes to refrigerant buyback, there’s understandably a great deal of focus on R-22,” said Dave Couchot, general manager of DPC. “However, R-410A is a market staple and DPC has the onsite technology to properly reclaim it. Buying it makes good business sense for us and our customers.”

Upon receiving recovered R-410A, DPC weighs the material and measures its purity to ensure maximum reimbursement. Participants receive a detailed receiving report, as well as EPA documentation.

In addition to R-410A, DPC also buys recovered R-22, R-11, R-12, R-113, R-114, R-500 and R-502.

About Diversified Pure Chem

Diversified Pure Chem (DPC) is one of the largest EPA-certified refrigerant reclaimers in North America and one of the largest offset project developers in the United States.  The Fort Worth, Texas-based company engages in buyback, reclamation, and reselling programs for R-22 and other refrigerants. DPC also provides refrigerant processing services to some of the world’s best-known companies.

DPC is a subsidiary of Diversified CPC, a global leader in the production and manufacturing of the highest quality aerosol propellants, specialty gases, alternative fuels, NGL refrigerants, physical foam blowing agents, and related products.  To learn more, visit www.diversifiedcpc.com.

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