DPC Recognized for Environmental Achievement

DPC was recently recognized by the Climate Action Reserve for significantly reducing greenhouse emissions and contributing to the growth of North American carbon markets.

DPC was named a “Project Developer of the Year,” by the Reserve, the premier carbon offset registry for the North American carbon market, for registering the most carbon offset projects during 2014. Through these projects, DPC reduced nearly 150,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from more than 31,000 cars.

As a project developer, DPC administers the destruction of ozone depleting substances (ODS), such as R-114, to earn carbon credits that are used in cap-and-trade programs aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Through the successful development and implementation of carbon offset projects, DPC has helped support the growth and strength of North American carbon markets,” said Gary Gero, president of the Climate Action Reserve. “A great deal of commitment, education, and resources are necessary to implement successful carbon offset projects that adhere to the Reserve’s regulatory-quality standards. We applaud DPC for its work registering the most offset projects during the past year and commend their achievement of significant emissions reductions to benefit our climate. The high quality offsets earned by DPC represent greenhouse emissions reductions that are real, additional, and permanent.”

Cap-and-trade programs reduce greenhouse gases by allocating a limited number of carbon credits among emission-producing companies and corporations. Each carbon credit is equivalent to one metric ton of carbon dioxide and the credits are traded as commodities.

About Diversified Pure Chem

Diversified Pure Chem (DPC) is one of the largest EPA-certified refrigerant reclaimers in North America and one of the largest offset project developers in the United States. The Fort Worth, Texas-based company engages in buyback, reclamation, and reselling programs for R-22 and other refrigerants. DPC also provides refrigerant processing services to some of the world’s best-known companies.

DPC is a subsidiary of Diversified CPC, a global leader in the production and manufacturing of the highest quality aerosol propellants, specialty gases, alternative fuels, NGL refrigerants, physical foam blowing agents, and related products. To learn more, visit www.diversifiedcpc.com.